Here at Brigham’s Playhouse we believe strongly in the power of the arts to change lives and uplift others. Getting involved in the arts can have a positive impact in shaping who you become. Because we want to continue having opportunities to grow and expand with our community outreach, Brigham’s Playhouse Theatre Academy Classes are coming soon! Classes will begin on August 21 and go to December 14, 2018. We offer classes for all age groups and in all kinds of the performing arts including; Singing, Acting, Musical Theatre, Creative Musical Dramatics, Showchoirs, Acting Troupes, etc. We would love to have you be a part of our Brigham’s Playhouse family and assist in our mission to help others “Feel the Difference” by using your talents to change lives! For any questions or to speak more about our Theatre Academy, call 435.251.8000! Ages 3-6 Sign Up Ages 13-18 Sign Up Ages 7-9 Sign Up Adult/Senior Sign Up Ages 10-12 Sign Up
More Information about each class: Musical Theatre Musical theatre acting combines the art of acting with the art of singing in a unique technique all of its own. Using the techniques of subtext, sense memory, emotional recall, and activation of objectives to heighten truthful performances of songs will be the content of this class. Intermediate Musical Theatre The class will explore how the mind, voice, face, and body can be used to energize, focus, structure, and stylize a musical theatre performance. This will be accomplished through carefully crafted theatre games, discussion, and workshops of solos, and duets. Requirements: Must have previously taken Beginning Musical Theatre and approved by instructor. Advanced Musical Theatre This class isolates each of the performance modes (voice, face, and body), untangles them, and then strengthen’s each with techniques and skills. The results of this class lead to amazing performing power. Requirements: Must have previously taken Intermediate Musical Theatre and approved by instructor. Acting These classes will present acting techniques that will lead to openness, confidence, self-discovery, imagination, sensory awareness, creative expression, emotional believability, dramatic action (establishing objectives & overcoming obstacles), character development and improvisation. Theatre games, monologues, and scenes will be used in class to teach these life changing skills and attributes. Singing The group voice lessons will teach relaxation, alignment, breath, support, resonance, placement, style, articulation, and diction. Songs will be selected by the students and may include pop, country, musical theatre, or classical material. The class will be taught in a safe emotional environment for beginners through experienced singers. Recitals will be held on dates to be announced. Creative Musical Dramatics This class provides opportunities for children to develop creativity and expression skills through playful activities and research based games. Sensory exploration, emotional awareness, goal setting, problem solving, and characterization will all be explored. The child will learn how to utilize the mind, voice, face, and body to increase their communication and awareness skills. Students will need to provide their own props and costumes from materials found at home. Showchoir These are performing groups that will present musical theatre pieces and song & dance numbers in several concerts throughout the term. While high quality, entertaining performances will be the result, developing self-esteem, teaching performance skills, and having fun is the purpose. Please be aware that addition costume fees (not to exceed $50) may be applied to the students in this class. Requirements: Must also be enrolled in either Singing, or Musical Theatre. Acting Troupe These are performing groups that will present plays or improvisations in several performances throughout the term. Students will be part of excellent productions that will entertain audiences, but the process of preparing these shows will teach amazing life skills. Please be aware that addition costume fees (not to exceed $50) may be applied to the students in this class. Requirements: Must also be enrolled in either Acting or Musical Theatre. Directing This is a special workshop class that teaches every aspect of the art and craft of directing. Rehearsal methods (instruction, discussion, coaching, critique, experimentation, and problem solving), concept development, directing style & values, conducting auditions, working with actors, staging techniques, and scheduling a rehearsal process are a few of the topic that will be covered. This class will be taught by theatre professor Jamie Young and will provide personal coaching by him as the students in the class direct projects.